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how it works

Quick Points

1. Each card is like a raffle ticket.

2. The person who scratches off the lowest score on their Scratch Your Score card is the winner and gets the prize.

3. The prize can be whatever you want. E.g. donated goods/services or an easy and popular option is a share of the money raised. It’s up to you!

The Long Version
Ok, so you’ve come to this site and are wondering "what the heck is Scratch Your Score fundraising all about and how can it help us achieve our fundraising goals?”

Scratch Your Score is a fun, easy to use and highly profitable fundraising tool that you can use to help raise funds for any group, individual or organization such as schools, clubs, sports teams, charities, youth groups etc - pretty much any group or individual.

The good old raffle is well entrenched as a proven fundraising tool. Scratch Your Score work just like a raffle...on steroids!

You take the cards around to people and ask them if they want to purchase a Scratch Your Score Card (see card). The card they buy is like their entry into the raffle, except there is an important difference...

Instead of the person just buying a ticket and then hoping to get drawn out of a hat, the person buys the Scratch Your Score card from you and creates their own score by scratching off 9 circles to create their unique score.

e.g. Each card (see card) has 9 holes of golf printed on it. Each hole has 5 scratch off circles that cover numbers. The person who buys the Scratch Your Score card from you scratches off one circle for each of the 9 holes of golf. They then add up their 9 scores that they revealed and this becomes their total score. The person who wins the raffle is the person who scratched off the lowest total score! Just like a game of golf.

This works so much better than a boring old raffle because:

  1. People love scratching off circles.
  2. It's exciting and fun and gets them involved.
  3. People get to feel like they are in charge of what their score is – which they are to a degree.
  4. It creates a competition amongst everyone who has entered - If someone knows that someone else has a lower score than them, then they are very likely to want to beat that person and buy another ticket from you.

For the reasons listed above you can easily sell each Scratch Your Score card for a higher profit than a raffle ticket and you’ll no doubt find it much easier to sell many more tickets than you normally would with a traditional raffle.

Some other cool features of the Scratch Your Score fundraising cards are:

  1. Each card has exactly the same chance of winning as all the other cards. Each persons score is completely determined by them - which makes it fair.
  2. Each card is unique so people cant “cheat” by figuring out patterns for what circles to scratch
  3. You can even have customised printing on the back of your cards to make the fundraiser more unique to your group and show any important information that you want to include such as the prize etc.

What you offer as a prize for your Scratch Your Score fundraising campaign is up to you.

Here are some ideas

You could make the prize a product of service. You could either buy this prize out of the funds you raise or get it donated/sponsored from a business. This can work really well for groups that are confident of achieving a certain level of sales in order to cover the cost of the prize or if the prize is donated.

Fixed Cash Prize
Lets face it. We all love having a few extra dollars to spend on whatever we want. Your prize can simply be a fixed cash prize e.g. $50 or $200 or whatever amount you decide on. This also works well for groups that are confident of achieving a certain level of sales.

Percentage of funds raised cash prize
Your prize could be as simple as 20% (or whatever % you want) of the money raised.
This is good for groups who are a bit unsure about how many cards they will sell.
As sales progress, you can let your fundraisers and people who have entered know what the prize has climbed to, this will tempt people to support you further by buying another ticket from you.

Deciding a tie break where 2 or more people get the lowest score
It is quite likely that you may end up with 2 or more people who get the same lowest score..Great! There are many fun and creative ways how to handle this and it's up to you how you decide a winner in the event of a tie. Some ideas are:
1. Simply put all the lowest scoring cards in a hat and pull out a winner - easy.
2. If practical, get the winners to do another card each - lowest score wins.
3. The person who had the lowest score on hole 1 wins. If still tied then do the same for hole 2, then 3 etc until a winner is found.
4. Get your group to come up with a creative way to decide a tie. Just be sure to make this know prior to selling the tickets for example, we can print this on each card for you.

How to run a Scratch Your Score Fundraising Raffle
Step 1

Figure out how many cards you want to order.

Below is a profit table that shows the profit that can be made from running a scratch your score fundraising campaign.

Below is a pricing table that shows the cost of each card across a range of quantities

No. cards Price per card  
50-200 $1.30  
250-500 $1.15  
550-1,000 $1.05  
1,050-3000 $0.95  
3,050+ POA  

Here is a handy wee calculator to make the job easier

Step 2
Decide on the following
1. The start date for selling the cards
2. The end date for selling the cards
3. The date that the winner will be decided and announced
4. How you will find a winner if there are 2 or more cards with the same lowest score (see above)
5. What price you will sell your Scratch Your Score cards for. It's up to you. Most groups sell them for between $2.50 and $5 each. Its no uncommon for some groups to sell them for $10 each. We've even had a group sell them for $100 each! See our Common Questions page for more info
5. What the prize is going to be

We have a single page planner that you can use to record this information available HERE

Step 3
Get out there and sell sell sell!

You can hold one giant raffle over multiple days or you can run a bunch of smaller raffles that last for one day like at events such as gala days, field days, sports days, etc etc. Just be sure to have a clear plan and let everyone know what's going on to avoid confusion.

Step 4
Getting Result Back In and notify the winner

Tip: If your sellers are taking the cards away and selling them to family and friends then you will need to keep track of the scores people are scratching so that a winner can be found. You can do this by doing one or more of the following

1. Collect the scratched off cards from the people who bought them and find the winner by sorting through them to find the lowest scoring card (Each card has a unique serial number and name and contact number of the person who scratched it)

2. People can txt or email their score back to you. We can print the number and/or email address on the back of the cards. You can use your own number or a $2 sim card from 2degrees. In order for the winner to claim the prize they should present you with their winning card so you can check their score!

3. People can snail mail post their cards back to you. Not ideal in this day and age but hey, its up to you!

It's up to you as an organiser to choose how you want to receive people entries and will depend on how you want to run the fundraiser. There may be other more suitable ways that you can come up with also.

Once you have found the lowest score then simply give the prize to the winner and apply the remaining funds to your worthy cause...or dive right in and go again.

Example of Scratch Your Score card below

fundraising ideas

fundraising ideas
no team is too big or too small! order 50 or 50.000 set your team a challenge!
Ordering this great fundraising idea is simple. Just visit our online order page and we'll process your order and have it out to you quick smart. It usually takes between 2-5 days to have your order ready and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service.
find out more about how scratch your score can raise you thousands

A comprehensive guide on how Scratch Your Score fundraising cards can be the best fundraiser your group has ever held! It's a simple concept that is easy to run. Click here to learn more.


find out more about how scratch your score can raise you thousands

"This was one of the easiest and most profitable fundraising ideas we have used. Such are great twist on the traditional raffle and our group found selling the cards pretty straight forward"
Tim Cleaver - Volleyball Coach, BOP.
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