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Are you looking for fundraising ideas for your sports team, school group or other organisation?

Scratch Your Score fundraising game cards are a fun and interactive fundraiser that is simple, profitable and easy to run.

Take the time to find out how Scratch Your Score can be the best fundraiser you have ever run!

no GROUP is too big or too small! order 50 or 50,000 set your GROUP a challenge!
Ordering this great fundraising idea is simple. Just visit our online order page and we'll process your order and have it out to you quick smart. It usually takes between 2-5 days to have your order ready and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service.
find out how scratch your score can raise your Group thousands

A comprehensive guide on how Scratch Your Score fundraising cards can be the best fundraiser your group has ever held! It's a simple concept that is easy to run. Click here to learn more.


find out more about how scratch your score can raise you thousands

"This was one of the easiest and most profitable fundraising ideas we have used. Such are great twist on the traditional raffle and our group found selling the cards pretty straight forward"
Tim Cleaver - Volleyball Coach, BOP.
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